Пауэрлифтинг в Смоленской области

Пауэрлифтинг в Смоленской области


The World Drug-Free Powerlifing Federation Rule Book Revised January 2007. Order of competition - the rounds system.


A. General

1. The Rounds System is mandatory at all WDFPF Sanctioned Competitions.

2. Notification of attempts: At the weigh-in, the lifter or coach must declare starting weights for all three events. The starting attempt is allowed to be changed ONLY ONCE. (First flight lifters may change the opening attempt up to five (5) minutes before the first round for that lift. Lifters in the following flights may change the opening attempt up to the time when NOT LESS than five (5) attempts remain in the previous flight.  Opening attempts must be entered on the appropriate ‘first attempt” portion of the lifter’s score? card, signed by the lifter or coach and retained by the official conducting the weigh-in.

3. The lifter will then be given additional blank attempt cards for use during the competition. Three (3) each for the Squat and Bench Press (providing for the possibility of a record setting 4th attempt), and five (5) for the Deadlift (providing for the possibility of two (2) changes of the third attempt, and for the possibility of a record setting 4th attempt). The cards for each event should be distinguished by using different colors.

4. Following the first attempt in an event, the lifter or coach must decide upon the weight required for the second attempt. This weight must be recorded where indicated on the card, and submitted to the expediter or other appointed official within the one minute time allowance. The same procedure is to be used for third attempts in all three events; also for record setting fourth attempts. Responsibility for submitting attempts    within the time limit rests solely with the lifter or coach. If no weight is submitted within the one minute time allowance, the lifter will forfeit their next attempt. Under the round system, the need for numerous marshals is eliminated. The attempt card must be handed directly to the designated expediter. (The expediter should have extra attempt cards available for emergency purposes.)

5. Examples of attempt cards:

карточка подходов

6. Each lifter in the assigned flight will take their first attempt in the first round of the event. Regardless of the success/failure of the first attempt, all lifters in the assigned flight will then take their second attempt in that event. Regardless of the success/failure of the second attempt, all lifters in that same flight will then take their third attempt in that event. Lifters who wish to take a fourth attempt for the purpose of setting international records, would follow the third attempt rotation. The flight would then vacate the platform, allowing the next flight of lifters to compete in that event. If there is only one flight of lifters in a session, that flight would move into a warm-up area to prepare for the next event. Each event would follow the format explained above.

7. The bar must be loaded on a progressive basis during a round, from lightest to heaviest. Lifters will not be allowed to take a lower weight in a following round for an attempt in any event.

8. The bar cannot be reduced in weight once a lift has been performed with the announced weight. The only exception to this would be due to an error on the part of the Speaker/Announcer who may have inadvertently missed a lifter’s attempt. If this is the case, the Chief Referee will reduce the load on the bar and then continue with the progress of that flight.

9. Lifting order will be determined by the weight on the bar and Lot Numbers. The lifter requiring the lightest weights lifts first; in the case of similar calls for weight, the lifter with the lowest Lot Number (drawn at the weigh-in) will lift first.

10. A lifter is permitted one change of weight on the first attempt of each lift. The change of weight may be higher or lower than that originally submitted, and the order of lifting in the first round will be changed accordingly. If the lifter is in the first flight, this change may take place at any time up to within five minutes before the start of the first attempt in that event. The following flights are accorded a similar privilege up to within five attempts from the end of the previous flight’s last attempt in that event.  Prior notice of these deadlines shall be announced by the Speaker/Announcer.

11. Weights submitted for second and third round attempts in the squat and bench press may not be changed.

12. If during a round, a lifter misses an attempt due to a misloaded bar or to a spotter error, the lifter will be granted another attempt at the same weight at the discretion of the Jury. The “repeated attempt” would be taken at the end of the current round. If the error occurs on the last lifter of a round, the lifter will be allowed a three (3) minute rest before repeating the attempt.

13. In the third round of the deadlift, two weight changes are permitted. The change of weight may be higher or lower than the lifter’s previously submitted third attempt. However, these are only permitted provided that the lifter has not been called to the bar already loaded to the previously submitted weight.

14. If a lifting session consists of a single group (flight), i.e. up to a maximum of 14 lifters, an interval of 30 minutes is suggested between the events. This is to ensure adequate time for warm-up and platform organization.

B.  Flight Formation:

1. Where 10 or more lifters are competing in a session, groups/flights may be formed consisting of approximately equal numbers of lifters.  Flights must be formed when 15 or more lifters are competing in the same session.  A session can be composed of a single bodyweight class or any combination of bodyweight classes at the discretion of the organizer for purpose of presentation.

2. Grouping shall be determined by examining the lifters? best totals achieved at national or international level during the previous 12 months.  The lifters with the lowest totals will form the first flight to lift, with progressively higher totals forming further flights as necessary.

3. If unsuccessful with an attempt, the lifter does not follow themselves, but must wait until the next round before they can attempt that weight again.

4. When two or more flights take part in a session upon a single platform, lifting will be organized on a flight repetition basis. No time interval will be allowed between rounds other than that necessary for preparing the platform for the next event.

For example, if there are two groups (flights) taking part in a session, the first flight will complete all three squat attempts.  They will be followed immediately by the second flight which will complete their three squat attempts. The platform will then be set for the bench press and the first flight will complete their three bench press attempts, immediately followed by the second flight which will similarly complete their three attempts on the bench press. The platform will then be set up for the deadlift and the first flight will complete their three deadlift attempts,etc.

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