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The World Drug-Free Powerlifing Federation Rule Book Revised January 2007. General Rules.

I. General Rules:

A. Membership

1. National associations applying to the WDFPF, must have at least four (4) members; must have formed a Drug-Free organization in their own country; must agree to follow all WDFPF Rules; must pay a membership fee of one hundred ($100.00) US Dollars plus one dollar ($1.00) per member (payable annually prior to or on the day of the WDFPF Congress - the Annual General Meeting of the WDFPF); and must have been voted to be accepted by existing WDFPF Member Nations. (Amd.1997 Postal Ballot)

The current WDFPF membership dues will be maintained until a national group membership of over 1000 attempts to join the WDFPF. At that time, the WDFPF may reconsider a change in dues payments (Amd. 2004 AGM).

2. The US Dollar is the official currency of the WDFPF. (Amd. 1990 AGM)   

3. Nations applying to join the WDFPF must produce evidence of an ongoing drug testing program that includes short notice (less than 24 hours) Out-of-Competition Drug Testing. This evidence must be provided by completing the prescribed forms before joining (Amd. 1993 AGM). Member nations will have a maximum of 3 months grace from the date of the World Congress to commence their Out-of-Competition Drug Testing program for the following competitive year. New member nations may at the discretion of the WDFPF be granted an additional period of grace in which to satisfy conditions of affiliation (Amd. 1997 Postal Ballot).

4. In order for a country to be accepted by the WDFPF as a fully affiliated nation, a meeting with a member of the WDFPF Executive must take place to ascertain that there is a full understanding of membership requirements, including drug testing procedure. (Amd. Postal Ballot 1996)

5. All new Nations applying to join the WDFPF and those nations who have let their membership expire for 2 years or more, must be registered with the WDFPF a MINIMUM of 3 months prior to a WDFPF event of choice and all new national members must be affiliated 3 months before the WDFPF event of choice; during this time the Qualification Totals must be achieved. (Amd. 2006 AGM) Any disbanded National Body which reforms into a new National Body, must re-apply for membership to the WDFPF. (Amd. 1994 AGM)

6. The dual international affiliation of National bodies is not allowed (Amd. 1996 AGM).

7. The Membership Form for each WDFPF affiliate must include a statement specifying that in all WDFPF events, a minimum of 10% of the competition participants will be drug tested with names and results published (positive or not). (Amd. 2006 AGM)

8. Each WDFPF affiliated National Association shall be represented by an International Liaison Officer who is a voting member of the WDFPF, along with two (2) other representatives from that member nation who are also voting members. In this way each National Association shall be represented by three (3) voting members within the WDFPF.

9. Voting other than at the annual WDFPF Congress may be by postal ballot, subject to the following:

a. The normal period of notice of motions be given to nations exercising voting rights.
b. Only those nations fully and properly affiliated to the WDFPF may exercise voting rights.
c. Nations will cast a number of votes in the manner that applies at the Congress; i.e. in accordance with their status (3 votes for a fully affiliated national body and 1 vote for a nation registered under “single or  below minimum registration”).
d. Circumstances for postal voting will be determined by a majority decision of the WDFPF Executive Committee (Amd. 1996 AGM) and shall be subject to one of the following criteria:

  1. In cases where there is no voting quorum at the Congress.
  2. Where a decision by the World Committee is deemed essential between Congresses, in response to developments.
  3. Where it is believed that any decision taken should reflect a majority view of the membership as a whole, instead of merely a Congress quorum.

10. Single or below minimum representation for a country: An individual or individuals may annually apply to represent a country that is not a current member of the WDFPF or cannot currently meet the four member minimum standard of the WDFPF, under the following conditions:

a. Single or Below Minimum Representation (Type 1) includes lifters who are foreign nationals residing in another country, who seek membership of the drug-free body of the country in which they reside.

b. Single or Below Minimum Representation (Type 2) includes lifters resident in their own country, who, in the absence of any drug-free organization in that country - seek membership of the drug-free body of a neighboring or separate country.

c. An individual registered under Single or Below Minimum Representation - must in principle and for practical purposes - be accessible for drug testing by officials of a fully affiliated WDFPF drug-free organization, or officials otherwise approved by the WDFPF.

d. Single or below minimum representation is only available to individuals in cases where no approved WDFPF affiliated body exists in the country they wish to represent.

e. In cases where a lifter(s) represents a country in which they are NOT normally resident -and where within that country proper an approved WDFPF fully affiliated body subsequently comes into existence - the status of the national organization within the country itself will take precedence.

f.In cases where a nation is to be represented by various lifters under BOTH TYPES of Single or Below Minimum Representation, the combined ‘national? team’ will be subject to the same rules governing team composition - as for any fully affiliated WDFPF national team. In cases of dispute the WDFPF Executive will act as final arbiter.

g. The individual (s) applying for permission to represent a country that does not meet the four member minimum will be allowed one voting representative, and must agree to follow all WDFPF rules and policies, paying required fees for membership and competitive participation. Such a nation must re-apply each year for a yearly extension (Amd. 1989; AGM).

h. A citizen of a nation can opt to lift for any country in a given year so long as the lifter satisfies the rules  pertaining to acceptability as a citizen of that country (Amd. 1991 AGM).


Subject to the approval of the WDFPF Executive Committee, and to ratification by the WDFPF Congress, the WDFPF will accept the formation of Continental or Regional Federations or Leagues for the promotion of WDFPF activity, subject to the following conditions:

1. That such sub-divisions of the WDFPF are subject in every particular to the rules of the WDFPF.

2. That the activities of such sub-divisions are not deemed to be against the interests of the WDFPF as a whole, in any way.

3. That each nation subscribing to such sub-divisions will do so having first affiliated as a bona fide WDFPF member in the normal way (i.e. they will have satisfied the membership requirements of the WDFPF as a “Nation in Good Standing”). (Amd. 1996 AGM).

4. Application for membership of the WDFPF shall be made to the Secretary General, on the prescribed forms  and in such detail as the WDFPF Committee may require, and shall set forth evidence of eligibility of the  nation applying for membership. The WDFPF Committee may delegate to any person or organization, the  actual task of verifying authenticity of said application.

5. The WDFPF as a Drug-Free Organization, relies on the mutual trust of its Member Nations. It must be the responsibility of all national governing bodies to facilitate this atmosphere of mutual trust by circulating all information relating to progress and problems with drug control and details of any political maneuvering that may be of concern to other Member Nations (Amd. 1993 AGM).


The WDFPF Committee shall be composed of the voting representatives from each Member Nation along with the four (4) WDFPF Executive Officers: (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary General). An Officer represents a nation and should that nation be removed the officer has the option of applying as an individual WDFPF member. (Duties: See WDFPF Constitution.)

D. WORLD CONGRESS (Annual General Meeting):

The WDFPF World Congress (Annual General Meeting) will take place at the time of the WDFPF Open World Powerlifting Championships. Voting during these meetings will be limited to the four (4) WDFPF Executive Officers, the three (3) voting representatives from each Member Nation, and to one (1) voting representative from “single and below minimum representation” Member Nations. Meetings will be run according to “Roberts Rules of Order”. Rule changes made during the World Congress will come into effect on JANUARY 1st of the year following the Congress. (Amd. 2006 AGM)


Registration or certification/verification is required of all Member Nation’s athletes competing in WDFPF Sanctioned Championships. A current and complete list of athletes/competitors and officials registered with each individual Member Nation must be filed annually with the WDFPF Secretary General and Treasurer.


The World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation recognizes the following events within both the *EQUIPPED and the **UNEQUIPPED Divisions, which, when performed in combination, must be taken in the same sequence in all competitions conducted under WDFPF rules:

1. Squat.
2. Bench Press
3. Deadlift
4. Total: Sum total of the highest official successful Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. A record attempt not a  multiple of 2.5 kg., would constitute an official lift but would not count in the total unless rounded down to the nearest 2.5 kg. No fourth attempt may be counted in the total).

*EQUIPPED Division: allows single ply supportive suits, knee & wrist wraps, a supportive shirt limited to use in the Bench Press event only and a powerlifting belt. (See Costume and Personal Equipment for specifications.)

**UNEQUIPPED Division: supportive equipment limited to a powerlifting belt and wrist wraps, both of which must meet rulebook specifications. (See Costume and Personal Equipment for specification constraints.)


The WDFPF through its member Federations conducts and sanctions the annual international championships listed below subject to payment of the sanction fee of $100 US (Amd. 1992 AGM): Sanction Fees along with the completed Sanction Form must be received no later than three (3) months following the acceptance of the bid (Amd. 2004 AGM). 

When both the UNEQUIPPED and the EQUIPPED Divisions are to be held the UNEQUIPPED Division must precede the EQUIPPED Division. (Amd. 2006 AGM).

1. Mens/Womens World Powerlifting Championships, Open and all age categories and weight classes.

2. Mens/Womens Continental Powerlifting Championships, Open and all age categories and weight classes.

3. Mens/Wornens Regional Powerlifting Championships, Open and all age categories and weight classes.(Amd. 1996 AGM).

4. Mens/Womens International Powerlifting Tournaments, Matches etc. Open and all age categories and weight classes (conditions to apply as for international championships). Subject to WDFPF approval (Amd. 1996 AGM).

5. As 1 through 5 above, but for competitions in the Single Event Championships (Squat; Bench Press; and Deadlift).

6. Highland Games, Strongman/Strongwomen competitions within the national organization of the WDFPF member nations (Amd. 2002 AGM).

The Mens/Womens Open World Powerlifting Championships will be held in either October or November of each year (1989 AGM). All new national members must be registered within their National Organization 3 months prior to the WDFPF event of choice. (Amd.2006 AMG). 

Starting in 2009, the Single Event World Championships must be scheduled in May or June. All new national members must be registered within their National Organization 3 months prior to the WDFPF event of choice. (Amd.2006 AMG). 

Only WDFPF Member Nations and/or individuals may compete in WDFPF sanctioned competitions. 

The Meet Director of the POWERLIFTING INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS may schedule a 3-day competition with the WDFPF Congress being held on Friday. The UNEQUIPPED & EQUIPPED Divisions of competition to be scheduled at the discretion of the Meet Director with the UNEQUIPPED Division preceding the EQUIPPED Division. (Amd. 2006 AGM)

Entry Forms for all WDFPF Championships MUST be completed by the individual athlete and then sent to the National Secretary for verification of membership before that National Office sends the Entry Forms to the WDFPF Meet Director. (Amd. 2006 AGM)

Meet Directors must receive all Championships Entry Forms NO LATER than 2 weeks prior to the competition; a copy of each nation’s list of competitors must be sent to the WDFPF Executive Committee. (Amd.2006 AGM)


The WDFPF recognizes and registers World, Continental and Regional records in the EQUIPPED and UNEQUIPPED Divisions for male and female competitors, of Powerlifts, Powerlifting totals and all Single Event records within the Age Categories and Bodyweight Classes described in “I.” and “J” below (Amd. 1996 AGM). World Records of powerlifts, powerlifting totals and all Single Event records are registered for the UNEQUIPPED Division for male and female competitors within age categories and bodyweight classes described in “I and “J” below.


Competitive lifting shall be restricted to competitors aged 14 years and over. Lifters will be classified into age categories by their specific age on the day of the competition. (Where age limits are imposed the lifter must have attained minimum age by the day of the competition).

1. Open: From 14 years upwards (no category restrictions need apply).

2. Teenage: From 14-15 year; 16-17 years; 18-19 years (Amd. 1991 AGM).

3. Junior: From 20 years up to and including 23 years of age (Amd. 1994 AGM).

4. Masters’: From 40-44 years; 45-49 years; and so on in five year increments ad infinitum (Amd.1991 AGM).

5. Police/Fire/Military Open Category only (minimum age 14 years):


1. Men:

52.0 kg Class up to 52.0 kg
56.0 kg Class From 52.01 kg to 56.0 kg
60.0 kg Class From 56.01 kg to 60.0 kg
67.5 kg Class From 60.01 kg to 67.5 kg
75.0 kg Class From 67.51 kg to 75.0 kg
82.5 kg Class From 75.01 kg to 82.5 kg
90.0 kg Class from 82.51 kg to 90.0 kg
100.0 kg Class From 90.01 kg to 100.0 kg
110.0 kg Class From 100.01 kg to 110.0 kg
125.0 kg Class From 110.01 kg to 125.0 kg
145.0 kg Class From 125.01 kg to 145.0 kg (Amd. 1990 AGM)
+145.0 kg Class From 145.01 kg to unlimited (Amd. 1990 AGM)

2. Women:

44.0 kg Class up to 44.0 kg
47.5 kg Class from 44.01 kg to 47.5 kg
50.5 kg Class from 47.51 kg to 50.5 kg
53.0 kg Class from 50.51 kg to 53.0 kg
55.5 kg Class from 53.01 kg to 55.5 kg
58.5 kg Class from 55.51 kg to 58.5 kg
63.0 kg Class from 58.51.51 kg to 63.0 kg
70.0 kg Class from 63.01 kg to 70.0 kg
80.0 kg Class from 70.01 kg to 80.0 kg
90.0 kg Class from 80.01 kg to 90.0 kg (Amd. 1990 AGM)
+90.0 kg Class from 90.01 kg to unlimited (Amd. 1990 AGM)


The following WDFPF qualification Totals apply ONLY to World Championships: See Appendix B.


Team points may ONLY be earned by lifters who reach or surpass the minimum qualification totals as listed above (Amd. 2004 AGM). 
In all age category competitions for the MEN, only the specified national team of 12 lifters from each nation will potentially be allowed to earn TEAM POINTS (see “2.” below). However, each nation will be allowed to enter a MAXIMUM of THREE lifters in each of the twelve WEIGHT CLASSES. 
In all age category competitions for the WOMEN, only the specified national team of 11 lifters from each nation will potentially be allowed to earn TEAM POINTS (see “2.” below). However, each nation will be allowed to enter a MAXIMUM of THREE lifters in each of the eleven WEIGHT CLASSES (Amd. 2002 AGM).

1. Each nation is allowed a maximum of two alternates or reserves. These alternates or reserves may be substituted at any time prior to the commencement of the weigh-in for a particular bodyweight class. Each nation must submit a team roster giving the name of each lifter, bodyweight class, age category and best total achieved at national or international level during the previous twelve months. The date and title of the competition in which the best total was achieved must also be stated. These details must be submitted to the responsible official prior to the commencement of the weigh-in for the lowest weight category, i.e. 52 kg for men and 44 kg for women. The names of the alternates with their bodyweight categories and best totals must also be submitted at this time.

2. Once the deadline for the acceptance of National Team Listings (the Start of the Weigh-In of the first contested weight class, NO CATEGORY CHANGES MAY BE MADE (Amd. 2004, AGM).

3. It is the philosophy of the WDFPF to include an emphasis on individual competition. As of the 1998 Congress, there shall be reference to team evaluations during WDFPF sanctioned competition, using the following team points system: 

Lifters who achieve

1st place will receive 12 team points;
2nd place receives 9 points;
3rd place receives 8 points;
4th place receives 7 points;
5th place receives 6 points;
6th place receives 5 points;
7th place receives 4 points;
8th place receives 3 points;
9th place receives 2 points;
10th place receives 1 point.

4. During World Championships team points may only be earned by lifters who reach or surpass the minimum WDFPF qualification totals. (Adm. 2004 AGM)


1. During drug testing procedures a minimum of one (1) WDFPF approved representative must be present.

2. All Member Nations must apply the principle of nil notice or very short notice Out-of-Competition Testing to athletes who are likely to participate in International competition.

3. Selection of athletes for Out-of-Competition Testing will in general be up to the National Governing Body and will be on any criteria including the basis of suspicion.

4. Target Testing:

The WDFPF through its officers reserves the right to select candidates for drug testing from member nations. Any member who suspects that a lifter in another country is abusing drugs may notify the WDFPF President who will notify the Executive Committee. If the Executive Committee believes that the complaint is valid, the Secretary General will notify the concerned national body who may be required to organize a drug test on the suspect.

5. Drug testing will be mandatory at all International Championships. Where possible a minimum of 20% of competitors will be sampled - with a minimum of 10% of competitors actually being tested (Amd. 1990 AGM). The cost of the minimum amount of testing required is to be borne by the host nation with the cost of additional tests felt necessary to be borne by the WDFPF.

6. It must be possible for WDFPF Officials and/or other WDFPF accepted drug control agencies, to “Target Test” where it is believed necessary, any lifter at WDFPF sanctioned events and any National Championships where records are to be claimed. An element of random selection may be applied if believed necessary. When the targeting of lifters is done, the selection may be based on any or all of the following criteria: caliber of performance; performance improvement; behavior; appearance; rumor or hearsay. For this reason the WDFPF requires every member National body to apply membership affiliation procedures which include competitor’s signatures of assent to and support for, all WDFPF rules on doping control.

7. Testing of samples from International Championships will normally be done at laboratories accredited by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). If a situation arises whereby a country or countries cannot obtain the services of an accredited IOC Laboratory, other laboratories may be accepted subject to agreement by a majority of the other Member Nations (Amd. 1990 AGM).

8.  The Drug-Free period, from 1991 onwards, will be five(5)years. All WDFPF affiliated national federations must annually progress towards a five (5) year “drug-free” period (Amd. 1997 Postal Ballot).

9. Banned Substances: The WDFPF will use the IOC List of Banned Substances as a guideline but reserves the right to add to this list any drug which it may believe to be performance enhancing. Similarly, the WDFPF reserves the right to delete from this list, any substance it may believe to be irrelevant to powerlifting performance (Amd. 1988 AGM).

10. Member nations may elect to use a reduced list of banned substances (i.e. anabolic drugs only) for purposes of testing lifters Out-of-Competition (Amd. 1996 AGM).

11. Drug testing methods will be left to individual member nations for their own internal affairs. (This is to provide for polygraph use and other testing methods by certain nations, in addition to the mandatory urinalysis required under WDFPF rules.)

12. Each Member Nation must provide evidence of regular Out-of-Competition Testing (OCT). The Chain of Custody documentation with laboratory results of individual Out-of-Competition Tests must be mailed to the Secretary General as and when received (1993 AGM). The results will be recorded and passed on to all national liaison officers. In addition, each member nation must present annually to the AGM the copies of the Chain of Custody documentation with the laboratory reports of all lifters tested by this method since the previous World Congress. Any nation not complying with this rule will immediately be suspended from WDFPF involvement until compliance (Amd. 1991 AGM).

13. Sanctions: Positive drug test results, or refusal of testing in WDFPF Sanctioned or Nationally Sanctioned competition, or refusal of Out-of-Competition Testing, will result in a lifetime ban from further WDFPF Competition as well as retrospective loss of all WDFPF titles and records. The lifetime ban refers to the natural life of the subject.

14. It is mandatory for all WDFPF affiliated national federations to apply a policy of automatic life-time bans in cases of positive drug test results (anabolic steroids) or refusals, subject to confirmation (Amd. 1997 Postal Ballot).

15. The WDFPF regards Beta Blockers as acceptable medication. Positive Ephedrine results will not necessarily be regarded as drug abuse carrying an automatic lifetime ban. Any level of Ephedrine indicated by a drug test will cause a loss of title and record(s) set (Amd. 2002 AGM). The World Committee will decide the penalty subject to the following criteria:

a. Up to 10 ppm will result in a warning.
b. Over 10 ppm will result in a two year ban (and the removal of any title, placing and records set, if the result of an In-Competition Test).
c. A second positive Ephedrine test will result in a lifetime ban from all WDFPF involvement.

16. Anyone convicted of the sale, use, or smuggling of ergogenic drugs by a court of law, or who has been found to be positive on a drug test, may be considered ineligible for WDFPF Competition.

17. Under exceptional circumstances, a positive test for any substance on the IOC Banned List, may not be regarded as drug abuse, subject to the World Committee’s decision.

18. Drug Failure details including the number of drug tests conducted within the WDFPF Championships specifying name, drug(s), and ban time of test failures be published on the WDFPF web site and be listed on the WDFPF Suspension List which will be sent to Meet Directors (Amd. 2000 AGM).

19. When athletes in National and/or International Federations fail drug tests conforming to the WDFPF Drug Control constraints, those athletes will be listed on the WDFPF Suspension List (Amd. 2000 AGM).

20. Lifters who have failed drug tests from 1990 onwards into the future in National and International Federations will be listed on the WDFPF Suspension List (Amd. 2000 AGM).


1. A Drug Control Committee must be appointed or elected from volunteers. Membership must represent a minimum of three (3) different nations.

2. The duties of the Drug Control Committee are to include:

Setting a procedure for positive drug test results that each member nation will be required to follow.

  • Establish a suggested time period for Out-of-Competition drug testing (Out-of-Competition drug testing should take place four (4 ) to six (6) weeks prior to a national or WDFPF World Championships).
  • Reviewing sanction options for positive drug tests including stimulants (Amd. 1996, AGM).

3. The WDFPF Executive may appoint accredited drug Control Officials or agencies to act in the interest of the WDFPF in any nation of the world in matters of drug control and testing of lifters (Amd. 1996, AGM).

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