Пауэрлифтинг в Смоленской области

Пауэрлифтинг в Смоленской области


The World Drug-Free Powerlifing Federation Rule Book Revised January 2007. The Weigh-In.

V. The Weigh-In:

A. General

1.  Weighing in of the competitors must take place no earlier than two hours before the start of the competition for a particular category.  All lifters in the category must attend the weigh-in, which will be carried out in the presence of three appointed referees for that category.

2. The weigh-in period will last one and a half (1 ?) hours.  The remaining half (1/2) hour prior to the commencement of the lifting will be used for the purpose of final competition preparation.

3.  The weigh-in for each competitor will be carried out in a locked room with only the competitor, the coach or manager and the three referees present.  The lifter’s agreed bodyweight must not be made public until all lifters competing in the particular category have been weighed in.

4.  Lifters may be weighted nude or wearing underpants or briefs (Amd. 1992, AGM).  In competitions involving females, the weigh-in procedure may be altered to ensure that lifters are weighed by same-gender officials.  Additional female officials may be appointed for this purpose.

5.  If not previously carried out, the inspection of costume and personal equipment will take place during the weigh-in period.  However, the lifters must be weighed in the priority of the previously determined order of lifting.  The equipment will normally be checked after all lifters have made their last visit to the scales, unless otherwise decided by the Jury or Head Referee.  The technical officers or appointed referees will be responsible for inspecting, measuring and recording on the inspection form, details of all items listed under Costume and Personal Equipment.  The items shall be approved and marked accordingly.  The referees responsible for this inspection will also be responsible for ensuring that the details recorded correspond with the items worn and used by the lifter on the platform.

6.  Lots will be drawn to establish the order of the weigh-in.  In competitions with large numbers of lifters in each category, the drawing of lots and referee’s inspection of costume and personal equipment, may commence one hour before the start of the weigh-in, although this may be varied as required by the Jury.  The lots drawn also establish the order of lifting throughout the competition when lifters require the same weights for their attempts.

7.  Each lifter may only be weighed once.  Only those whose bodyweight is heavier or lighter than the limits of the category entered are allowed to return to the scales.  They must return to the scales and make weight within the hour and one half limit allowed for the weigh-in, otherwise they will be eliminated from the competition for that bodyweight category.  A lifter may only be re-weighed after all lifters in the same bodyweight category have been called to the scales.  Lifters trying to make weight may be re-weighed as often as time and orderly progression by lots allows.  A lifter may only be weighed outside the time limit of one and one half hours if the lifter was present within the time limit, but due to the number of lifters trying to make weight, was denied the opportunity of mounting the scales. The lifter may then be allowed one re- weigh at the discretion of the referees.

8.  A lifter who is too heavy may move into the next higher category, provided that not more than two lifters from the same team are already entered in that category.  The lifter must have previously achieved the minimum qualifying total required for the higher bodyweight category if one has been set for the competition. The lifter must be present for the weigh-in at the time scheduled for this new category.

9.  A lifter who weighs lighter than the lower limit for their category, may drop into the next lower category, provided: 

(i) it has not already taken place;
(ii) the lifter has achieved the necessary qualifying total for the lighter category at the lower bodyweight;
(iii) no more than two members of the team are in that category.

10. At tournaments, galas, festivals or friendly internationals, the weigh-in may, by mutual consent, may take place earlier than two hours before the start of the competition.  However, if a lifter declares an intention to attempt a world record, that lifter must re-weigh two hours before the start of the competition.

11. If two lifters of equal weight eventually achieve the same total at the end of the competition, they will be re- weighed and the lighter person will take precedence over the heavier person.  However, if they still weigh the same after re-weighing, they will then share the placing, each receiving an award.  In such circumstances should two lifters be in first place, the next lifter shall be placed third and so on.  In the event of a total record being set in similar circumstances, the same procedure will be adopted to determine the record holder.

12.  Starting weights for all three events shall be declared by all lifters at the weigh-in.  Changes on first attempts of each event may occur before each flight of first attempts, up to five (5) minutes before the starting time of those flights. Unless injured in the competition, lifters are limited to changing their opening attempts only ONCE by a MAXIMUM of 20 kgs.

NO changes are permitted in the second and third attempts - with the exception made for the third attempt deadlift which may be changed twice.

13.  Lifters should check squat and bench press rack heights and foot blocks prior to the start of the competition.

14.  The start of the Weigh-In of the first contested weight class marks the DEADLINE for the acceptance of National Team Rosters and for “Category” changes.  From that time on, NO  Team Rosters may be accepted and NO CATEGORY CHANGES MAY BE MADE (Amd. 2004 AGM).

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