Пауэрлифтинг в Смоленской области

Пауэрлифтинг в Смоленской области


The World Drug-Free Powerlifing Federation Rule Book Revised January 2007. Jury and technical committee.



1. At International Championships, a jury will be appointed whenever practicable to preside over each lifting session.  The decision whether or not the appointment of a Jury is feasible shall be left to the discretion of the Head Referee, normally on the advice of members of the WDFPF Executive (Amd. 1998, AGM).

2.  Where possible, the Jury shall consist of the WDFPF President as the President of the Jury,and four other members, one of whom shall be the Chair of the Technical Committee.  A reserve member shall be appointed for each jury.

3. The members of the Jury shall be International Referees.

4. Where possible, the members of the Jury shall all be from different nations with the exceptions of the WDFPF President and the Chair of the Technical Committee.

5. The function of the Jury is to ensure that the technical rules are correctly applied.

6. JURY REPLACEMENT OF A REFEREE:  During the competition the Jury may, by a majority vote, replace any referee whose decisions, in its opinion, prove that referee to be incompetent. The referee concerned will have received a warning prior to any action of dismissal, and must have failed to correct the problem for removal to occur.

7. REFEREE’S OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPLANATION:  The impartiality of referees cannot be doubted, but a mistake in refereeing can be committed in good faith.  In such a case, the referee shall be allowed to give an explanation for making the decision which is the subject of the warning.

8. JURY PROTEST CARD SYSTEM:  Each member of the Jury will have three red protest cards, marked respectively 1, 2, and 3.  If a Jury member wishes to query a referee’s decision, they will place the card relating to that referee in front of the President of the Jury (or a system of lights may be used by the Jury for calling a referee to the Jury table). The President must consult with the rest of the members of the Jury and take appropriate action based upon a majority verdict.

9. JURY AUTHORITY IN CORRECTIVE ACTIONS:  If a serious mistake occurs in the refereeing, which is contrary to the technical rules, the Jury may take appropriate action to correct the mistake. They may, at their discretion, grant the lifter a further attempt.

10. JURY AUTHORITY CONCERNING REFEREE DECISIONS:  The Jury shall not at any time overrule or change the decisions of the referees.

11. POSITIONING OF THE JURY:  The members of the Jury will be positioned to ensure an unimpeded view of the competition

12. DUTIES OF THE JURY PRESIDENT:  Before each competition, the President of the Jury must ensure that the members of the Jury have a perfect knowledge of their role and any new regulations that amend or supplement those contained in the current edition of the must ensure that the members of the Jury have a  perfect knowledge of their role and any new regulations that amend or supplement those contained in the current edition of the WDFPF handbook.


1. Will consist of elected or appointed volunteers representing a minimum of three (3) different nations. Duties to include review of rules & consideration of establishing an assigned bid rotation (Amd. 1996, AGM).

2. Will be entrusted with the examination of all requirements and proposals of a technical nature submitted to the WDFPF by the affiliated Federations.

3. Decisions are subject to approval of the WDFPF International Committee.

4. Appoints all the referees for WDFPF International Championships, and advises the WDFPF President on the appointment of the Head Referee in Charge.

5. Trains and examines future International Referees; instructs and re-examines existing International Referees.

6. Informs the WDFPF President and Secretary General as to which International referees are eligible to referee after examination or re-examination.

7. Organizes courses/clinics for referees before any important competition such as the World Championships. The expense for these courses/clinics will be borne by the organizing federations.

8. Proposes to the WDFPF Executive Committee, the termination of the referee card of an International Referee when it deems this necessary.

9. Publishes to the WDFPF Executive Committee material of a technical nature that deals with methods of training and performance of the Powerlifts.

10. Will be responsible for inspecting all competition and personal equipment, as defined in the WDFPF Rulebook, and equipment that has been submitted by various manufacturers for the sole purpose of being able to use the words “WDFPF Approved”? in their commercial advertisement.  If the item or items submitted meet all current WDFPF rules and regulations, a fee will be levied and a certificate of approval will be issued by the Technical Committee.

11. At the end of each year a renewal fee of $150 must be submitted to the WDFPF for re-certification.  If a design has been changed, the item must be submitted to the Technical Committee again for inspection and re- certification.

12. If, at any time after the certificate of approval has been issued, the manufacturer changes the design of the competition or personal equipment that was submitted previously for approval, and it no longer complies with current WDFPF rules and regulations, the WDFPF will withdraw approval subject to the recommendation of the Technical Committee. The WDFPF will not issue another certificate until changes in design have been corrected and it has been submitted to the Technical Committee for re-inspection.

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