Пауэрлифтинг в Смоленской области

Пауэрлифтинг в Смоленской области


The World Drug-Free Powerlifing Federation Rule Book Revised January 2007. Records.


A. International Records:

May only be set at WDFPF Sanctioned competitions (see Section 1. General Rules, G. Competitive Sanctions) and at National championships held under WDFPF Rules providing that a minimum of 10% of lifters are drug tested by the urinalysis method (1992 Postal Ballot), and under the following conditions:

1. The lifter must have fulfilled the weigh-in rules by establishing official body weight within the 2 hours prior to the start of the competition.

2. The referees or the Technical Committee must have checked that the barbell and discs conform to WDFPF specifications, prior to the competition.

3. Following the successful record setting attempt, the lifter must be subject to inspection by the three adjudicating International Referees.  Refer to “Costume and Personal Equipment”.

4. The competition must be held under the sanction of a National Federation affiliated with the WDFPF.

5. Each of the adjudicating referees must be a current WDFPF International Referee and be a member of a National Federation affiliated to the WDFPF.

6. The good faith and competence of referees of all member nations is beyond dispute.  Consequently, an international record can be assured by referees of the same nation.

7. A record can only be accepted if performed in a contest where drug testing was carried out to the current requirements of the WDFPF.  Records will only be recognized if a minimum of 10% of the competitors are drug tested by the urinalysis method (Amd. 1992 by postal ballot).

8. The complete Records Claims Package including the official WDFPF Score Sheet signed by the adjudicating International Referees, a copy of the current scales certificate and age verification where necessary, must be submitted to the WDFPF Secretary General within one calendar month of the date of the record setting competition.

9. Lifters who are not taking part in the full competition are not permitted to attempt to set records in individual events.

10. In the event that two lifters breaking either a current individual or total record with the same weight, the lighter lifter will be declared the new record holder. If body weights are identical, the lifters are to be re-weighed immediately following the competition.  If during the re-weigh, both lifters weigh the same, both will be record holders.

11. New records are only valid if they exceed the previous record by a minimum of 500 grams.  Fractions of 500 grams must be ignored; e.g. 87.700 kg would be registered as 87.500 kg.  The addition of “record discs” of .25 grams or .5 grams is only permissible for attempts on international records. (Amd. 2000 AGM)

12. Records set in individual events will only be valid if the lifter makes a total in the competition.

13. With the exception of injuries incurred during the Championships event, World Records may only be set by lifters reaching the WDFPF Qualification Totals for World Championships.  (Amd. 2006 AGM)

14. Not only International records, but National and Regional records broken under the same conditions as International records, shall be recognized and registered by National organizations.

15. International records are valid if the squat, bench press and deadlift techniques, as we1l as the costume and personal equipment of the lifter, are in complete compliance with WDFPF rules.

16. International records may be set in National Championships that follow WDFPF rules regardless if a Jury is present.

17. At “combined” championships where SINGLE EVENT competitions are held on the same occasion as THREE-EVENT with TOTAL POWERLIFTING competitions, it is NOT permissible for individual lifts attained in the powerlifting section to be re-registered for inclusion in a single event section. ”Single Event” Records are only acceptable when established or broken during the course of a Single Event Championships or section. (Amd. 2000 AGM)

B. Requirements for setting an International Record on a fourth attempt:

1. Onlylifters actually taking part in a competition may attempt records as fourth attempts outside the competition.

2. A lifter may be granted a fourth attempt only for purposes of setting an international record, at the discretion of the Jury or Chief Referee in the absence of a Jury, if the third attempt was successful and within 20 kg. of the current record. In no case will further additional attempts be granted. (Amd. 2000 AGM)

3. In no circumstances may lifters not taking part in the full competition be permitted to attempt records on individual lifts.

Official International Records for the “Powerlifting” Total will be recognized subject to the following:

1. The record will only be valid if set during a WDFPF sanctioned or recognized competition.

2. The record will only be valid if set by a lifter registered with a WDFPF affiliated nation.

3. The record will only be valid if the bar and discs used in the competition have been weighed before the competition, meeting WDFPF weight constraints.

4. The record will only be valid for the body weight category of the lifter as determined at the official weigh-in.

5. No fourth attempts made within any of the three (3) events may be included in the total.

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